“A rising tide lifts all boats.” By working collaboratively, we can spur both individual and group success.

Rhode Island has a vibrant and growing healthcare technology community, from Amgen in West Greenwich, which houses one of the world’s largest mammalian protein manufacturing facilities, to EpiVax in Providence, which is on the cutting edge of immuno-informatics, to scores of other companies large and small spread throughout this Ocean State. We are home to a broad array of companies that are global leaders. MedMates aims to use these successes to grow this sector by fostering connectivity and collaboration. Inspire>> If you are an inventor, startup or early-stage company, MedMates will be collaborating to help you grow. Join us. Connect>> If you are an early stage, growing or mature company, MedMates will help you form strategic alliances and partnerships. Join us. Influence>> Whether you are an inventor looking for matching research grants or a growing company looking for tax breaks, state policy can have a direct impact on your success. MedMates will help define and implement strategies and policies to establish sustainable long-term growth of Rhode Island’s health-tech sector. Join us. Place >> Whether MedMates members meet through online forums or at monthly gatherings, our goal is to create a centralized, communal and active hub for us to connect, collaborate and grow. Join us.