MedMates is Strengthening Rhode Island's Med-Tech Ecosystem

MedMates is Rhode Island’s life sciences industry network group dedicated to galvanizing collaboration between med-tech companies, hospitals, universities, sources of capital and governmental partners. Our mission is to support and accelerate med-tech opportunities in the Ocean State. Founded in 2013, MedMates members have deep experience in the fast-changing med-tech field, ranging from startups to mature companies and everything in between.

What is Medical Technology, or Med-Tech? Medical technology refers to the diagnostic or therapeutic application of science and technology to improve the management of health conditions. Technologies may encompass any means of identifying the nature of conditions to allow intervention with devices, pharmacological, biological or other methods to increase life span and/or improve the quality of life.

How can we connect all of Rhode Island’s medical technology resources to leverage the state’s concentrated diversity, enhance collaboration, and spur growth? That’s the question we started to answer during The Rhode Island Foundation’s “Make It Happen RI” event in 2012. The foundation then awarded us $50,000 to create MedMates, Rhode Island’s first health-tech industry network group, connecting people and companies to support and accelerate opportunities in the Ocean State. MedMates has quickly grown to include members from the academic, biotech, diagnostics, government, information technology, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors. Our goal is to build a comprehensive database of our members and local resources, which will allow us to create an interconnected web of talent, a robust launchpad for startups, and will help us shape public policy. Additionally, MedMates aims to generate awareness on a national scale of the state’s capabilities as a hub of biotech and life sciences innovation and excellence.

Our three core foci include:

Inspiring through:

  • Campus clubs and programming
  • Training/mentoring for entrepreneurs (idea feasibility, legal, regulatory, clinical, funding, etc)
  • Supporting Hackathons and business plan competitions

Connecting through:

  • Industry networking events
  • Curated gatherings between companies with common interests
  • Creating/Maintaining a directory of companies and researchers in the industry
  • Publishing access to CORE research equipment
  • Offering affinity group tracks (engineering, QS/QC, sales/marketing, early stage CEOs, etc…)
  • Sharing industry cluster news

Influencing through:

  • Attracting Med Tech companies to start in or relocate to RI
  • Industry lobbying efforts

Contact Information:


24 Corliss Street #41240

Providence, RI 02904

(401) 400-5499