Launched in 2009, Betaspring is a top-ranked accelerator for technology-enabled ventures. Our mission is simple: help great founders built great companies.

From 2009-2014, Betaspring accelerated 89 companies using an approach that we, along with the other early accelerators, pioneered. The model was simple: use mentorship and small amounts of seed capital to enable early stage ventures to go farther, faster, doing in 12-weeks what might take 12-months if they were on their own.

Our portfolio includes 200+ founders from eight countries and nearly every state in the U.S. These companies have raised $50MM in follow-on funding and produced three acquisitions.

In 2015, we launched RevUp by Betaspring, the first accelerator for “revenue-first” startups—companies where growth through revenue is the primary goal. With RevUp, we retained the best of Betaspring’s top-ranked accelerator program and added new features, like a shared growth team, to enable companies to act fast on revenue-enhancing opportunities.

With RevUp, Betaspring also transformed our investment approach, replacing equity investment with a revenue royalty model. Betaspring does not take equity in exchange for investment. Companies return the investment as a percentage of revenue over a 36-month period.

RevUp’s model opens investors to a new stream of companies--those with the potential to be very profitable, but don’t rely upon an exit to generate a return. It’s a major innovation to how investors seek return on early stage investments, and a powerful way to help more founders be successful.

Betaspring has offices in Providence--our headquarters--and in Boston.

It’s not that the equity-driven accelerators are wrong. There’s just more than one way to build big, profitable companies that make founders and investors happy.