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Impreglon, Inc.


Impreglon, Inc. is a coating service provider specializing in the application of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings. Over the past decade, these coatings have become standards in many industries including medical/surgical, automotive, aerospace, tooling, plastics, hardware, metal forming and cutlery to name just a few. We offer both Cathodic Arc and Magnetron Sputtering technologies that are designed to produce the highest quality coatings in a quick and efficient “job” production setting.
Our proven application expertise combined with our extensive inventory of target materials ensures that we will be able to meet your most demanding application requirements.

Impreglon can provide bio-compatible coatings meeting Class 3 requirements, which include contact with skin, bone, tissue or blood. They are approved for "non-intended implant use" on both disposable and reusable instrumentation. These thin film surfaces are capable of withstanding ethylene oxide, radiation, and autoclave sterilization. They can be applied to a variety of substrates including stainless steel, titanium, chrome, ceramics and plastics.