Creative Office Pavilion

Creative Office Pavilion



Since 1986, Creative Office Pavilion has created spaces for clients in a broad cross-section of industries and functional areas. We believe passionately in the idea that the built environment has the power to transform the way people work and live.

Look at the big picture
We are much more than furniture dealers—we’re a team of high-level workplace consultants. That means we’re by your side through every phase of a project—from initial consultation to post-sale service. And it means we understand and embrace today’s trends while staying on top of where things are headed tomorrow.

Find the things that work
We bring our clients some of the industry’s freshest thinking and most innovative products. We’re one of the nation’s leading Herman Miller dealers, and represent lines from hundreds of other respected manufacturers, including DIRTT, National, and SitOnIt. This gives us flexibility to tailor our solutions to the unique needs of each client.

Find the very best people
Looking for experienced professionals who truly care about their clients? They’re right here. Our team hails from different backgrounds and markets, which means unique insights and big-picture perspective. We’re a diverse crew with a few things in common: we believe in building true partnerships and long-term relationships.