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Paul Bertram

Program Manager at Ximedica, LLC - Program Management


Product Development: I have been working in product development (commercial, consumer and medical) since the mid 1980s. Having lived the challenge of working simultaneously on both regulated and non-regulated products, I decided to focus exclusively on designing and developing medical devices and came to Ximedica for that specific reason.

Technology Transfer: Recently I worked on several "technology transfer" projects which highlighted the gap between successful technologies and technologies ready for commercialization. The language of technology development and product development sound the same but the meaning and end goals are vastly different. Understanding this difference and standing as interpreter between the two fields may not ensure commercial success but it will certainly provide necessary and early insight into the issues that require immediate attention.

Secondary Technology Education: I have been a Mentor on the Millis (MA) High School FIRST Robotics team for the past 8 years. Our rent is a significant portion of our budget. Since our activities take place evenings and weekends, and ramp up in December tapering off in April, I am trying to shape a synergy between commercial concerns (year round daytime activities) and STEM programs like FIRST (shorter term activities after school, January - March).


Why RI?

I commuted to Boston for ten years and watched my commute expand from 50 minutes to an hour and a half. Now, the way the Providence traffic reporters sensationalize the 10 minute rush hour “traffic jam” downtown always makes me smile.

I also love being in a small manageable, artsy, innovative city.


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  • Research and product development mentoring or collaboration



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